Imagine not able to see your grand children grow...............

Imagine not seeing your loved one's face forever...................

Imagine Living in darkness since last several Years...........!


This is the most common ordeal of millions of indigent people living in the hinterland of Bihar. More than 1.8 Million people are Blind in Bihar, out of which 65% are due to Cataract. Around 80% of blind cases are avoidable i.e treatable or preventable. It means 80% out of 1.8 Million are unnecessary Blind; just because of poverty and lack of eye care facility or a surgery.

Your simple act of kindness can bring light in the lives of these old age indigent people, who have accepted that living in darkness for the rest of life is their destiny.

You can change their destiny,

You can bring back smile on their face

and Light in their Lives

Donating a small amount to sponsor their surgery.


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