Secretary’s Message

The hospital provides many specialized services and possesses seven full-fledged operation theatres with advanced diagnostics equipment. Since, its inception in December 2004, SSLN has been working towards prevention of blindness in and around Bihar (India) and till April 2019, it has performed more than 1,75,000 cataract & other eye surgeries such as Glaucoma, DCR, DCT, Squint, etc.; out of which more than 80% are done free of cost.

Right from the beginning, ‘High Volume and High Quality’ has been the forte of Sri Sai Lions Netralaya.Presently, Sri Sai Lions Netralaya is flourishing through innovative measures like intensive outreach screening camps through mobile eye clinic and establishment of vision centres with GPS based patient’s data and integrated hospital management system.

- Lion Er. Ashok Kumar, Secretary, Lions of Patna Service Trust

Sri Sai Lions Netralaya, Patna is committed towards its mission to prevent blindness, restore eyesight, promote eye health and aims to provide low-cost affordable access to high quality eye care services for all, especially to those living in poverty.

We are focusing on reaching out more elderly population, women and children. All these activities are the part of our journey that has just started. A journey where everyone can see the beautiful world. A SightFirst world is created by SSLN & its team. We would highly appreciate your contribution to be part of this journey to help the mankind.