We all have some very Special Day in our life; which we wish to celebrate with you family and friends in a most memorable way. Do you have such a wish? If yes; you can multiply the joy of celebration of your Special Day by blending it with the divine flavour of charity i.e. by helping someone who need you.

You can bring smile on the face of someone who longs for it. You can bring colour and light in the lives of those, who are living in darkness for years and have accepted it as destiny for the rest of their life. You can change their destiny. You can bring Holi and Diwali together in their lives on the occasion of your Special Day

You can gift sight to old age indigent blind patient

Donating a small amount to sponsor their surgery.


You can request or motivate your family and friends that instead of giving gifts to you, they should donate for the cause of eradication of blindness on the occasion or your Special Day Celebration. Believe us, it will multiply the joy of celebration manifold and you shall cherish the memory of your Special Day celebration for many years to come.

You can pledge that
your very special day,
Birthday/Marriage Anniversary
shall include charity
integral part of your celebration menu

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