"If you can not understand my silence.
you will not understand my word too"


This is the silent story of struggle and pain of suffering humanity Living in the hinterland of Bihar. If you can feel the pain of living in darkness for the rest of their lives that too in old age; you will never be a silent spectator to their suffering.

For helping the helpless, you just need lo understand their needs. In the rural Bihar, where eye health care facilities are dismal or prevalence. the prevalence of Blindness is very high. To be more truthful, it is one of the few geographical areas in the world. where bilateral cataract is higher than unilateral cataract. 80% of the more than 1.8 million Blind people living in Bihar are avoidable. that means it is treatable or preventable; But because of lack of eye health care facilities and poverty, people continue lo remain needlessly Blind.

Came forward and stand your helping
hand to the suffering humanity
Sponsoring a Free Eye Check-up Camp
in the underserved area of Bihar.


Who can Sponsor an Eye Camp?

  • Any person who is self motivated in aiming to help the community is welcome to sponsor a camp.
  • The sponsors can be Indivisuals, Industries, Religious Groups, Banks, Hospitals, Gram Pramukh etc.
  • The only requisite is interest in community's welfare and willing to contribute Rs 10,000/- to cover the cost of medicine, consumables and T.A-D.A of staff etc. for the camp.



  • You can donate Rs 12500 to sponsor the cost of 25 opticals for free distribution among poor patients having refractive error.
  • OR
  • You can donate a small amount to sponsor the free surgery of one or more indigent patients.


Sponsor's Role

  • The sponsors have the primary role of organising the camp site, preferably at a School/ Community Centre with necessary support facilities (electricity, water, furniture etc.) and also to take care of the publicity.
  • Sponsors are responsible for gathering of patients and providing lodging and food to the medical team.
  • Local logistics and assistance for ORC team.


A little help with little smile gives meaning to human life


Please specify Date, Month and Occasion on which you wish to sponsor the free eye check-up camp.


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