Though the memory of loved one never fades from our heart and mind; Neverthless we want to pay tribute to them on some Special Day. We can make our Homage more satisfying by adding a small act of kindness on the occasion. Do you want to do so? If Yes; You can gist sight to an old age indigent blind patient who are helpless and need your helping hand.

You can bring Light and Colour in their lives.

Donating a small amount to sponsor their surgery.


Your small act of kindness shall fullfill you with pride and satisfaction; the "Joy of Giving" shall enrich the sweetness of remembrance of your loved one and make it immemorable.



Do the virtue while remembering your loved ones, that will be a real tribute to them.

Can there be a better way to Remember your level one!


Please specify Date, Month and Occasion on which you wish to sponsor the free surgery.


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